Chapter 6. The First Steps and Basics of Working with ConPresso as an Editor

Table of Contents

1. The Terms "Article" and "Rubric"
2. Login into the ConPresso Backend
3. The Reset Password Function
4. The ConPresso Screen
4.1. The ConPresso Title Bar
4.2. The ConPresso Navigation Bar
4.3. The ConPresso Workspace

In the following sections you will become acquainted with the ConPresso backend and with some fundamental terms that are important for working with ConPresso as an editor.

As an editor, all you need for working with ConPresso is a browser. No other software is required to work on content. This applies to adding texts as well as to providing images and files like, for instance, PDFs.

Basically, every modern browser can be used for working with ConPresso, be it Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera or FireFox. In order to be able to use ConPresso's WYSIWYG-Editor, however, a current browser version capable of interpreting HTML, Javascript and Style Sheets is required.